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Mission, Vision & Values

 Mission Statement

We serve together in Trinity Health,
in the spirit of the Gospel,
to heal body, mind and spirit
to improve the health of our communities
and to steward the resources entrusted to us.

Vision Statement

Inspired by our faith-based traditions, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital will be distinguished by an unrelenting focus on clinical and service outcomes as we seek to become the preferred community-based healthcare provider.

This vision includes:

  • A commitment to our founding purpose to strengthen Catholic and faith-based health care.
  • An emphasis on providing a personal care experience with every patient, guest and customer encounter.
  • The importance of building trusting relationships with all constituencies: patients, associates, volunteers, physicians and the community.


To help guide St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in fulfilling its Mission, a number of values are defined, offering a framework for providing outstanding medical care to our community. Following are just some of the examples of public comments made by the community as we work to live out the St. Joseph Mercy values.


"I was happy to help at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital as a volunteer. From the love and care that was given from admitting to discharge, I saw everything and was able to talk with the sisters at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. I respect them and the other ladies who gave me, as a volunteer, strength and hope for our patients. It was a great feeling."
~ Rick from Adair, published in the Times Herald, July 26

Social Justice

"Honest people are few and far between. I was visiting my grandma at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, and while I was there, I lost some money. It was not a lot, but it was worth a lot to me, since I'm on a fixed income. I left to get some lunch. When I came back, the housekeeper on the third floor was watching for me. She handed me an envelope and asked if I had lost it. When she returned it to me, little did she know that it was all the money I had to my name until the third of the month. Thank God she was honest, knew what room she found it in and watched for me to come back. Thank you. That means so much to me. God will reward you."
~ Johanna, Virginia Beach, VA, published in the Times Herald, July 24

"Thank you, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, for treating your employees and visitors to a fabulous pre-Memorial Day picnic. The tables were decorated so nicely; each with a bright yellow tablecloth and plant. The menu included everything you would expect at a picnic and more. It sure brightened my day."
~ A grateful visitor, published in the Times Herald, May 29


"I wish to tell everyone about the service I received as a patient at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. I was on the third floor and had to have surgery. The nurses and aides there were wonderful and very helpful. The housekeeper really made me feel comfortable. When she came in to clean, she saw I was really upset. She asked me if there were anything she could do for me, and I just cried. She prayed with me and helped me to be more at ease about my surgery, and I will never forget that day. Thank you, and thanks to the rest of the hospital staff. You all were a blessing to this grateful patient."
~ Linda, Port Huron, published in the Times Herald, May 8

"Recently, my mom and dad were celebrating their 60th anniversary, when my mom was injured in a fall. We were transferred to Mercy Rehab, and those people were just great. Father Art from St. Christopher's and Sister LuAnne at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital had Mom and Dad go to the chapel to renew their 60th anniversary vows on the day of their anniversary. That was so wonderful. The staff at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital were just wonderful, with everyone going out of their way to make that day extra special for Mom and Dad. We want to thank everyone and let you know how special we think you are."
~ Mary, Marysville, published in the Times Herald, September 21


"I had a wonderful experience at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, in their outpatient surgery center. There were two very nice gals who took care of me. It was a great experience and these girls work very hard. No matter what time of the day, you get the very best of care. I've had surgery there before, and I've had wonderful care there every time."
~ Margaret, Port Huron, published in the Times Herald, July 25

"Thanks to the doctors and staff in the Emergency Room at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. A special thanks to the nurses on the third floor for the fine care I received."
~ Bob, Yale, published in the Yale Expositor, June 7

"My step dad was diagnosed with cancer last year and a lot of people came to bat for him. I'd like to thank the doctors and all the staff on the fourth floor at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital who attended to my step-dad. They did a wonderful job."
~ Jason, Ruby, published in the Times Herald, May 28

"It is a very clean hospital, and the nursing staff on the third floor is the best. It's like being at home or even at a hotel, such as the Hilton. From the nurses to food services and the cleaning staff, they do a wonderful job, and I would like to thank everyone for caring for me and my husband. Keep up the good work, and thanks, again."
~ Deborah, Burtchville Township, published in the Times Herald, May 21

"It's rare for me to say such things, but I have to say it anyway. What beautiful, nice, kind and helpful people I ran into at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. If you have to go there, you will be fortunate to be helped and taken care of. I say, happy day, happy work and happy, happy everything."
~ Anthony, Port Huron, published in the Times Herald, October 7

Care of the poor and underserved
"I called St. Joseph Mercy Hospital about a week ago crying. The switchboard operator was such a gem. She listened to me and then recommended the Peoples' Clinic for Better Health because I didn't have any insurance. She was so kind, and I just want to give her a heartfelt thank you. I would also like to thank the Peoples' Clinic. Thanks to them, I now have my medication and can function as a normal person. I feel just wonderful. Thank you so much to both facilities."
~ Carol, Kimball Township, published in the Times Herald, August 25

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