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Genesis – Advanced Computerization for Patient Care & Safety

Introducing the smart hospital - a hospital where patient records are stored on computer hard drives, not paper files. Where patient information is available to doctors and nurses right at the bedside.

In the smart hospital, doctors can enter their orders into a computer, eliminating the need to interpret their handwriting. Better yet, doctor's orders are automatically checked against patient records for dangerous drug interactions and allergies.

In the smart hospital, prescription orders get to the pharmacy instantly, laboratory results get to the doctors faster and the computer automatically reminds nurses when it's time to administer a patient's medication. When you're in a smart hospital, your doctors can check up on you right from their office, and even their homes in the middle of the night.

Sound like science-fiction? Not so. Your community offers access to a "smart hospital" right now, today - St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron is dedicated to world-class patient care and safety and to that end is an active partner with Trinity Health in the development of computer advancement to transform the way we deliver care.

Over the past several years, St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron has worked in concert with area physicians and clinical care staff to provide computerization of patient information and medical records. Offering the most advanced Electronic Medical Records software and hardware systems available in the area, St. Joseph Mercy is dedicated to continuing investing in advanced technology and computerization.

Computerization of patient information is the wave of the future because it is rooted in an important need to have all medical information pertaining to a patient available and accessible throughout the patient's health history, right now, right when your doctor needs it. It provides ease of access and coordination of care for physicians and nursing staff when meeting individual treatment plans. It offers real-time results for lab testing and radiology studies. All of which allows your clinical care providers efficient and safe decision making.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital currently supports a number of outstanding Electronic Medical Records programs. You may have noticed the increased use of mobile computers for bedside admissions in the ER, or the use - as a standard tool - when providing care in patient rooms. Some of St. Joseph Mercy's advanced technology includes the use of:

  • PowerChart, which provides for physician orders and results
  • Clin Doc, which offers clinical documentation of patient care and treatment information
  • PharmNet, one of the most advanced drug-interaction and prescription management system available, provides for dedicated patient safety.

Through continued development of these exciting technology advancements, one day, you'll see that your physician can access your medical data from your primary routine care (including all specialists and testing procedures), your complete health history, as well as your current medical needs and conditions. This will provide your doctor a comprehensive and total look at your health, offering the optimum in prevention, health screening, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Coming Soon to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital continues to participate in developing and implementing advanced computerization through its work with Trinity Health. St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron will pilot, upgrade and/or implement of a number of new computer systems in the near future.

Document Imaging
Launched in October 2008, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital piloted a document imaging software system designed to offer greater efficiencies to patients and hospital staff. This software system scans, instead of photocopying, important patient documentation, such as driver's licenses, insurance cards and even physician order slips to reduce paper waste and streamline documentation services.

You have probably noticed that when admitted into St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, your documentation is now scanned directly into your patient file, eliminating redundant requests and interruptions so you can concentrate on your care and/or the care of your loved one. The only health care provider in the area to offer this important service, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is pleased to provide this customer-service benefit.

Wireless Internet Access at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital instituted hospital-wide availability of wireless internet access for the convenience of both our patients and guests. This exciting new addition allows patients, guests, physicians and even vendors much needed and important internet access while within St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, in the tradition of Trinity Health, is dedicated to providing world-class patient care and safety and will continue to be the area's leader in providing technological and computer advancement for the care and comfort of our patients. Look for more news of these advancements as they become available.

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